About Us:

A sustainable outdoor trex decking solution is what we at Maintenance Free Deck Pros offer our customers. We are a privately owned company offering decking, fencing, railing and the related services, and provide a range of options to our customers in terms of colors, designs and materials. Call us at 888-738-9666 for all your decking needs. Our business components are clean manufacturing, development of product in a unique way and involvement of the community.

Our business focuses on the waste management, and to reduce the production of wastes. We make sure that the energy consumed in low, and our energy use also aims at converting the same into adaptable sources, We Maintenance Free Deck Pros strive at making use of the water supplies as minimum as possible. We focus on high quality, and adhere to the principles. Also, incorporating sustainable materials is our motto, while never compromising on the quality. Our focus is also on community development, and we contribute to the charity and other events in the local community. Commitment to the people is what we focus on, and put efforts on the sustainability of the organization, and to the community.

You can also find more info about us from our site, or through 888-738-9666.

Clean manufacturing:

The waste we send to the landfills is reduced to a great level, and we focusing ion taking this number to a great extent. Hundreds of tons of the materials that are wasted are actually recycled per year. We also retrieve almost 100% of the wastes produced during the manufacturing process.

Efficient consumption of energy:

We ship most of our products via rail. This means that we do not make use of the other transportations unless and otherwise required. We save 120000 gallons of diesel or petrol per year. Do you know what can be done with this amount of liquid fuel? Nearly 200 cars can travel on the roads per year. We at Maintenance Free Deck Pros use a closed loop water system, and reclaim and reuse 140000 gallons of water in a day.

Product Development:

More than half of our products are manufactured with recycling. Over 100 million products are used to make the products by Maintenance Free Deck Pros. All our products are free from formaldehyde urea. The cartons used to ship the products are made of SFI and are 100% recyclable. We are also the members of the popular green councils in the country.

We also involve ourselves in the development of the local community and the charity organization. Our aim is to lead the domain in all facets. Our customer support is also excellent, and makes a call to us at 888-738-9666.

Our site is easy to access and navigate, and the customers can always get in touch with us over this. Our customer support aims at satisfaction of the customers to the core, and you will be able to get all queries answered via the site or the 888-738-9666.

With our ecofriendly, community friendly and customer friendly techniques we strive to achieve the top most position and to retain it.

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